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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The ultimate OG online title: SOCOM 2!!!

Yes, I'm sure many of you are thinking, "how is he about to make a ultimate gaming blog and start covering a game that was made in 2006?" Well the truth is, this isn't just any old game people, this is Socom2; a game that imo revolutionized online gaming. If you have not played it, I am honestly truely sorry for this inconvenience in your life, and to be honest, it's too late to go and pick it up now. The community was great (still kind of is), and the game play to go along with it was absolutely spectacular! Minus the 20 shots to the chest every now and then that a player could take, or lately, the Code9 issue which allowed players to do God-like maneuvers across the sky and shoot satchels out their ass with unlimited health. But honestly, when you got passed the health and other minor issues before the time of the glitchers, the game undoubtedly makes a life-long impression on you... FOREVER

Overall, Socom2 scored a 9.8/10 for me in 2006-2008. Currently in 2011 the score would now be dropped to a deserving 7/10 because of Code9 and lack of current players.

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  1. Loved this game. Who cares if its old, its still awesome

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